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Becoming threeFifty Cakery
Guest Post: Becoming the best
I can’t wait! This statement may seem a bit random and non-sequitir; let me introduce myself: my name is Jacob C. Howard and I am just excited to be here (well not here where I am physically, but here on this blog). Now as for my statement, I can’t wait! You may ask, “For what?” but you also may ask “What’s the meaning of life?” To the latter question, I say: 42; to the former question, I can’t wait until threeFifty Cakery is everything that it can be! There is a dream that involves a little astronaut with a cupcake for a head and I can’t wait for the full fruition. I was poking around the blog the other day, and my love was re-kindled for the Hippie-Licious cupcake. It is beautiful, like Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra or Katy Perry as Smufette.
Also, allow me to be honest; my mouth literally started watering as I read the Menu options. Although, how could it not? You’ve got Red velvet and Cheesecake cupcakes; German chocolate and S’more cake truffles; Maple Whoopee pies; Honeycomb muffins; Cotton candy meringue cookies, and Cookies n’ cream kickers (I don’t even know what a kicker is really, but it looks like it was sent from heaven and it sounds delicious)! This is how dreams become a reality: true innovation. Accomplishment comes from within. I just made that up, but feel free to say it and quote me, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up on bumper stickers and inside cheesy cards, but either way, it’s true. It’s all about the hustle, the motivation, and the sugar; you can’t have good dessert without any of these.
This is a dream I support whole-heartedly, and not just because I really like carbs, true innovation, true beauty, and true success comes from true dreams. This blog is a true dream (boy I bring a lot of “cheese” to this blog about dessert). True dreams are the ones that make it, because those are the ones fueled by passion. Dreams of making tons of money rarely are accomplished because money is tough to attach emotions too, mainly because it is never there when you really need it, and because when you talk to it, it gives you a blank stare. Is threeFifty Cakery the best right now? No, it is still
growing. Is it the completion of the dream? Surely not, but it’s on its way. This blog is not threeFifty Cakery, and threeFifty Cakery is not the best; but it is Becoming threeFifty Cakery, and it IS becoming the best!

by: Jacob C. Howard


Confetti Cake Truffles

Confetti cake dipped in delicious tempered chocolate and dressed up in sprinkles. I don't know about you, but I would have a birthday party every day for some of these.


Tuxedo Time

Well, it looks like somebody has dressed for the occasion. Oh, what occasion, you ask? I guess you will just have to taste to find out.

These little 007 cakes are simple in flavor but still pack a heavy weight punch that would make Floyd Mayweather cry "Mamma". A velvety vanilla frosting over a moist fudge like chocolate cake topped off with chocolate jimmies. Enjoy


Bubblegum Cotton Candy and Confetti

A luscious and velvety bubblegum frosting over a moist cotton candy confetti cake, topped with a gum ball. If your gonna have bubblegum frosting the whole cake should be exciting right? And, what is more exciting than confetti and cotton candy? It's like a celebration and your mouth is the winner.


And now you know...the rest of the menu

And, here is the rest of the menu...I am in the process of making up a real menu, nobody wants to order food from a blog, right, thanks to help of one, Eric Groselvin, the Ferocious French man. Enjoy :)

  • snickerdoodle 
  • chocolate chip
  • oatmeal chocolate chip
  • oatmeal raisin 
  • s’more
  • cotton candy meringues
  • s’more
  • cookies n’ cream
  • mint n’ chip
  • neapolitan 
  • rice krispy
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • banana chocolate streusel 
  • honeycomb
  • blueberry
  • chocolate chip vanilla


Some More Menu, Please.

whoopie pies

  • chocolate vanilla
  • vanilla chocolate
  • strawberry lemonade
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • red velvet
  • cinnamon and sugar
  • chocolate chocolate
  • vanilla vanilla
  • mint n’ chip
  • maple
  • chocolate dipped



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Another Menu Section Selection

cake truffles (cake pops)
  • red velvet
  • german chocolate
  • snow ball
  • grasshopper 
  • lemon
  • Rocky Road
  • Cookies & Cream
  • S'more (no cake...sshhh)
  • Confetti 



Well, the time has come for threeFifty to spread their wings and fly, leaving the comfort of the mother blog....

That's right, we now have a webpage (with nothing on it, www.threefiftycakery.com) and a Facebook page, with almost nothing on it. "Like us" anyway, you get a free sticker. Lucky



threeFifty Cakery
the menu
  • german chocolate
  • coconut coconut
  • red velvet
  • the tuxedo
  • chocolate chocolate
  • pistachio chai
  • maple pancetta
  • vanilla vanilla
  • cotton candy bubblegum
  • mocha
  • black forest
  • lemon meringue 
  • chocolate chip cookie 
  • cheesecake cupcake
  • carrot cake
  • confetti chocolate
  • strawberry shortcake

Here is the first segment of our menu. Just the cupcakes, as you can see. These flavors will be available by order, and various ones will be available at farmers markets. the rest of the menu items will come in time.


Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake pops...made famous by Bakerella, perfected by threeFifty :) This batch was made up for a birthday party...in case you were wondering about the purple ribbon.

Basically these pops, or cake truffles as I like to call them, are red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and delicious tempered chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle.



I just went out to see the masterpiece that is "Super 8", and thought it would be a good idea to try a cupcake from an un-named cupcakery. I actually paid $3.75 for this thing and it was pretty bad. It was my second time there, the first time being worse then the second, but at least I gave it two chances. The cake was dry and the frosting was confused. Buttercream or cream cheese, it's not that hard. Ok, all that to say this, I will give you a cupcake that will make your mouth melt.

More pictures coming soon, as well as the menuuuuu.


Where have I been?

I feel like I need to apologize to my ten faithful followers, any chance visitors and of course, my stalkers for neglecting my blog. I haven't given up on it, I have just been busy with real work so we can keep this bakery dream alive. I guess it is true what they say, "you gotta have money to make money". Boo. Anyway, this blog may seem like a ghost town for a few more weeks before it gets kicked back into full gear, but you can still tell your friends about it. ;)

P.S.- If anyone wants a lifechanging threeFifty sticker just shoot me an email. They are free!! Yay!


Sad little cupcakes

As many people might know, I am a connoisseur of desserts, mostly cake, i.e. cupcakes. And, as many of you also know, cupcakes are pretty much taking over the world. I am not sure if it is a trendy thing or a calorie thing or if it is just simply because they are delicious. In the midst of this wonderful cupcake invasion I have noticed a terrible trend going on. While everyone is rushing to get the next best cupcake out there, alot of these bakers are losing their focus. Sure, they have cool names for their cupcakes and they have fancy decorations, but does anyone care how they taste anymore? It is a shame really that it has to be so difficult to find a truly delicious cupcake these days, and yes, Sprinkles is about the only saving grace. But, the good news is, I am bringing the delicious back to the cupcake (and whoopie pies, etc.)!! Why?? Because, like I have said before, you guys deserve the best. So, remember, I put quality and taste before decorations that don't even taste good. Ok, this life lesson with threeFifty is now over, thanks for listening.


Cookies n' Cream Kicker

Well, I believe I promised a line of kickers, so here is kicker number 2. But, do not fret, there are many more on my super secret and unfinished menu. And, once again, my amateur cell phone photography does not give these little guys the justice they deserve, so I apologize for that.

This is a cookies n' cream kicker. It has an Oreo cookie crust bottom, a luscious chocolate cake middle and a cookies n' cream frosting. It's like eating one of those little chocolate and cream filled cookies, only this one comes with a kick in the mouth. It will make you fall in love all over again.

Hey, banner banner banner

A banner, because I am going to hang it on the capital building in Phoenix...or I will just use it for my farmers market booth, that way farmers and cake eaters alike can spot the little cupcake spaceman all the way across town.



Sticky Ricks hooked it up with some amazing stickers. Time to put them all over town, that way if it takes me 50 years to get my baked items out there at least Phoenix will be covered in threeFifty stickers. Ok, well, actually they are for my cake boxes...but, they will also be involved in some promotional ideas. So, if anyone wants a sticker, order some cake and I will throw one in there...on the house!


Box o' Pops

Another threeFifty original, taking the concept of cake pops to a whole new level (that's right Starbucks, eat your little Rocky Road cake pops heart out). This little gem consists of chocolate cake and a secret ingredient hand whipped cream rolled up than dipped into a homemade coconut marshmallow cream. Remind you of anything? (Hostess Sno Balls, anyone?) I may go out on a limb here and say this is the best thing I have ever made...until next time. I just wish the picture made them look as amazing as they taste. Where is that food photographer when I need him!?


Baby steppin'

Well, I got my first piece of equipment today for my farmers market booth. Cup cake couriers. Now I can transport cupcakes and whoopee pies safely. Baby steps, right? I also have stickers on order so I can make the cake boxes look more professional...but I still have to order cake boxes, and many more things.
I also am working on a banner for the farmers market booth. Maybe someday I will start working on the legal stuff.
I need an assistant.
So, thats where we are here at threeFifty. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or rub something lucky for me.


The Original Gangstas of the Whoopie Pie

Honestly, I have nothing to say...except, Yum! Oh, and if  you put them in the freezer, they taste just like ice-cream sandwiches. Enjoy (the picture).


German Chocolate

One of the best cake recipes of all time, German chocolate cake, originally called "the German's chocolate cake" was not actually invented in Germany, but rather by a Texas homemaker. Think that's confusing? Wait till' you wrap your tongue and mind around our German chocolate cupcakes...it'll put your head in a tizzy and your palate on cloud 9. And, you may need a at least a dozen...just for yourself.

I also have a recipe for German chocolate cake truffles and maybe even a German chocolate kicker in the near future.


Cake Kickers

What's that? Is it a s'more? A cookie? Cake?

Well, if you guessed all three than you are correct! Sorry, you don't win anything, though. What we have here is a threeFifty original, it is a graham cracker crust topped with chocolate cake topped with homemade marshmallow toasted and topped with shaved chocolate. I couldn't decide between cookie or cake so they are called "kickers". Remember that.

I am currently developing new flavors of "kickers", hopefully soon I will have a whole line of them. All kickers will be 3 layers like the above picture, just different flavors.


Marshmallow Madness

Back in ancient days the marshmallow plant was used as medicinal purposes for healing sore throats. Then, the Egyptians turned it into a candy and, of course, the French perfected it.
Ok, enough of the boring tidbits that make up the marshmallow's life story, lets just talk about how delicious a homemade marshmallow is compared to a store bought one. What you see in the above photograph are vanilla marshmallows with a caramel swirl. It's like biting into a chewy cloud of happiness and caramel. Like they say over at Red Robin, "Yum".

I know a marshmallow is not a cake...it's not even in the cake family. But, I've got something coming for you that will involve both cake and marshmallows, I just wanted to give you a little sample first.


Snicker Doodle, Dude

Yes, I know what you're thinking, "isn't the snicker doodle a little amateur?" Yes, but it is a classic, just like the chocolate chip cookie. And, like they say, you don't have to be the first at something, just be the best...

Also, in case anyone is wondering what place cookies have among a cake only club, just look to the Dutch, because, cookie in the Dutch language means, "little cake". So, they are like the cousins of the cake and I say, "Welcome, little cake friends."


Bluffin' for the Muffin

A banana muffin with a Ghirardelli chocolate streusel. Delicious? Oh, yes. I just ate a dozen and so can you...

This muffin will be featured on the menu...even if muffins are the ugly cupcake, they still need lovin' too.


Drum Roll, Please...

Ah, yes, the new logo. I feel like we are finally getting somewhere. Gotta give props to PJ's Top Shop in Cali for doing a knockout job. I can already see the town plastered with the threeFifty space man.

Now, the next couple of steps will be getting my name copyrighted, (no, I have not done that and no one is allowed to steal my junk...or I'll find you!) a business license, spaceman stickers and t-shirts so I look official. The menu is still under construction but it's getting there.


Strawberry Lemonade Whoopie Pies

What's more refreshing than a glass of strawberry lemonade?
Well, turning that glass of strawberry lemonade into cake form, of course.
One bite of these bad boys and you taste the electrifying zing of the fresh lemons and the creamy strawberry frosting that makes you feel like you are floating in a strawberry field of dreams. It will take over your entire palate and say, "Hey, I'm here. Let's do this." Then, you have another...

As good as they were, I still have a little bit of work left in perfecting them, but they are close and the final product will blow you away.



Well, I had to redeem myself from my whoopie pie mishap, and these trippy little cakes definitely did the job. They are colored vanilla cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting and are actually inspired by the hippies of Humboldt county in California. Even though I am not a big fan of food coloring (or fondant), sometimes you just gotta use it to kick things up a bit.

Whoopie Fail

 I figured since I am telling you about all of my triumphs and journeys to greatness, I should probably tell you about my failures also. It just so happens that most of my failures come in the kitchen while developing new recipes. This particular failure sounds good and even looked like it tasted good, and in all reality, wasn't THAT bad, it just wasn't great. And, you my friends, deserve greatness.

 These were chocolate whoopie pies with a peanut butter filling, and some were dipped in a chocolate ganache. First off, the dipped ones were suppose to be minis but they came out as bigs, yeah I got a little too excited, and secondly the filling didn't do it for me, so, it is back to the drawing board.


The Quest

So, I am back from my journey to other bakeries in California. Really, I only went to two. But, I sampled a lot...in the name of bettering threeFifty of course. One bakery, or confectionery...whichever you please, seemed to have a steady flow of people. To me, it just looked like they dipped anything they could find in chocolate, and their cookies tasted sort of like cement. And, I think that is what happens when you lose your focus...which is why we are all about the cake. And the Benjamin's. But, mostly the cake.

The second place was much better because they were serving beignets, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beignets). Check out that link if you don't know what they are. And, if you have never had the privilege of trying those tasty, fluffy morsels of deep fried goodness that rival the manna from heaven, than please, if you have any love for yourself, go out and get ya' some. So that's what I collected from my journey...oh, and threeFifty Cakery is still a force to be reckoned with. Whaaat up.

As far as the progress of the business goes, the astronaut graphic has been sent off to a computer artist and will soon be a real logo. Hallelujah


Oooo and Ahhh

Well, I guess I accomplished the first step toward opening up my cake Mecca. I got my AZ food handlers card!!! Wooo Hoo!!! Yeah, big deal.

Also, I am in the process of developing new recipes and ways to manipulate cake like you wouldn't believe, so be excited!

And, I'll be away this weekend, I guess it is a good thing I have no followers yet,  researching other bakeries so one day they will look to threeFifty Cakery and say, "Daddy".

Peace, love and cake...or just peace out works


What's in a name?

In case anyone is wondering why we call ourselves "threeFifty Cakery", because, it is an awesome name. That, and somebody already took the name "Sprinkles", hmmm. But, seriously, the reason it is called "threeFifty" is because, as we all know, when you bake a cake it gets baked at 350 degrees F. And, I think the "Cakery" part is a given.

I have also included the first rough draft of our...brace yourselves...Logo! There is not much explanation for what inspired me to sketch up an astronaut with a cupcake for a head...too many frosting shots I think. The look we here at threeFifty are going for is a kind of urban/21st century/hip image. We strive to appeal to everyone, and everyone being awesome in their own way will love our cake.

So, back to the logo. If you will notice he has a flag in his hand. That will be changed to a big shiny whisk. And, those are sprinkles that surround our astronaut friend, in case it wasn't clear. Also this picture will be sent over to a graphic artist to get cleaned up and become digitized. So, be patient and this logo will soon be on t-shirts, stickers, cake boxes and in the hearts of many around the world.

In the Beginning...

Hello, all my fellow cake lovers. This is the beginning of something special.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "why is it special?".

Well, I am glad you asked.

What we are doing here at threeFifty Cakery is bringing cake to you in, yes, many ways that have already been done, but also inventing new ways to enjoy cake. We will be offering up cupcakes, whoopie pies, cake pops, cookies and many more tasty treats that you will just have to taste to believe.
So in the rumored words of a once famous queen, "Let them eat cake."

...Is what I would be telling you if I already were an established cakery. But, fear not, we are not far from our goal. You will soon be with the tastiest most mouth watering and moist cake you have ever laid mouth on...but first, take this journey with us as we become an official business (and by official, I mean in the eyes of county and the state.)

Right now we are heading towards our first goal, and that is to become a catering business and set up shop at farmers markets around the Phoenix metro area and various special events. Once we get our name out there and plant our deliciousness in your belly and brain and all you think about is, "CAKE!" then we will look at a catering truck and become a mobile cakery, and then the ultimate goal, an actual store front.